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Alana Morgan, Owner

My foray into genealogy research and the art of crafting a family history began in 1991 when I received a 15 page document on my paternal family, created with much love and care by my first cousins twice removed, Elizabeth Jane Martin and Patricia Dumas.  I soon found myself looking to see what more I could find.  It was not long before I found myself firmly gripped in an obsession with genealogy, history and the story behind every family.

It didn’t take too long before I started to undertake similar work for other family lines, and for other families.  Through the years I have worked with clients whose backgrounds hail from a diverse range of locations: Canada, England, France, Ireland, Mexico, Scotland, and the United States are just a few.

My goal is take the raw research data, the names, dates and places found on the various records available and build from those a true history of the family, discussing not just events, but also the social and emotional impacts of the times our families have experienced throughout their lives, and how those experiences influenced the choices they made along the way.

After almost thirty years of research I have cultivated an extensive research library and resources. I have an extensive background in the particular areas of emigration due to the Irish Famine, as well as the early settlement of French Canada. I also have a Certificate in Genealogical Studies from the Society of Australian Genealogists, and am a member of a number of genealogical societies around the world.

Let me help you build your story.

Alana Morgan

Melbourne, Australia

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