What Can I do For You?


There is really no limit to the kinds of projects we can undertake together.  Below are some examples of services I can provide:

  • Transcription of interview recordings or notes
  • Compilation of original documents into an archive-quality presentation
  • Single Surname Family Research (Limit 5 generations)
  • Biographical sketch of a single ancestor
  • Translation of original documents from French or Spanish to English
  • Creation of a GEDCOM file for pre-existing research

How does this work?

  • Get in touch via Contact Me and I’ll send you a quick questionnaire to get a baseline understanding of where you’d like to go.
  • Complimentary 1 Hour Consultation
    • Once I have your questionnaire, we’ll chat for a bit to determine the scope of work, cost thresholds, and a timeline for reporting and delivery.
  •  Once we come to an agreement, the project begins.  I will always verify with you for additional costs before they are incurred.  See What Will This Cost Me? for more info.

Key things to keep in mind.

  • You are the client, you are always in charge.
  • The more info you can give me to start with, the better our chances of success.
  • Depending on the time period, or geographical locations, we may run across situations where some resources are simply not available, or the waiting time to receive documents is particularly long.  I will always keep you apprised of progress and challenges to face together.





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