Our history is happening now

“We are in unprecedented times.” This is a statement being made by our government leaders all over the world. But is this true? No. The truth is, we are in unprecedented times for our recent memory, but there are numerous occasions in history where people have faced a complete upheaval of society and the definitionContinue reading “Our history is happening now”

Short Term Memory

So, I’ve discovered in my two decades plus of delving into various family histories, that sometimes its best to have a short assignment than a long one. Meaning, my aging brain does much better remembering all of the “aha” moments, and why they were aha moments, when I am only spending a finite period ofContinue reading “Short Term Memory”

When Persistence Seems Futile

I have one of those ancestors. And it’s a big one. He’s my Great Great Great Grandfather, on my father’s side. And to be honest, it feels as if he is standing in my way – physically preventing me from progressing further back in the Morgan history.