Family history is more than just the dates and places listed on a document. A true family history is focused on the story behind those dates and places. Building a family history is a craft, and one that I have developed for almost thirty years.

Working together I can help you make sense of your history by researching your ancestors and building a library of documentation and narrative reports about your family’s journey in the world. Here at KinQuery.Com you will also find my own personal blog sharing discoveries, techniques and musings on the importance of understanding where we come from.

Conducting family history research can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. With my decades of experience in this field I can help you bring your family’s history to life. Click here to see some of the ways that I can help you: How Can I Help?

My foray into the art of crafting a family history began in 1991 when I received a 15 page document on my paternal family. Immediately curious to find out more, it was not long before I found myself firmly gripped with an obsession for genealogy, history and the story behind every family. I maintain a blog where I share some of these discoveries here: BLOG.

Naturally this led to helping others on the same quest. Through the years I have worked with clients whose backgrounds hail from a diverse range of locations: Canada, England, France, Ireland, Mexico, Scotland, and the United States are just a few, and I have steadily gathered resources along the way. Perhaps my collection can help you too, check it out here: RESOURCES

My goal is take the raw research data, the names, dates and places found on the various records available and build from those full history of the family…one that encompasses the events as well as the social and emotional impacts of the times they lived in.

After almost thirty years of research I have cultivated a deep background in the particular areas of emigration due to the Irish Famine, and the early settlement of French Canada.

I have a Certificate in Genealogical Studies from the Society of Australian Genealogists, and am a member of a number of genealogical societies around the world. Here’s a listing of some of the projects I’ve been working on. Projects

Let me help you build your story. Contact Me.

Alana Morgan

Melbourne, Australia

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