“La Revue de Bas-Poitou, liv. I et III, 1919, compiled by Paul Beauchet-Filleau,Chef-Boutonne, http://collections.banq.qc.ca/ark:/52327/3246665

The term Les Bas-Poitevins refers to the portion of settlers to New France who originated from the Province of Poitou.

The lists below are from an annotated translated extract of an extract from “La Revue de Bas-Poitou, liv. I et III, 1919, compiled by Paul Beauchet-Filleau,Chef-Boutonne.  Please note that this is not to be considered an original or primary source, but a jumping off point for further corroboration of details. 

The original of this extract is available via http://collections.banq.qc.ca/ark:/52327/3246665.  

M G Clouzot, one of the primary collaborators of the original work referenced, was from the Vendée region himself, particularly Niort, and likely would have had a personal interest in gathering information relating to other families who settled early in the establishment of New France and who originated from the same region of France. 

Column headings are clearly set out per section, however, the following items should be noted:

  • Groupings, grouping headings and order within each grouping are true to the original extract, but presented in table format for clarity. Note that there are sometimes more than one table for the same area (i.e. Luçon)
  • Pay particular attention to dit names (new to French Canadian naming? See here where I discuss naming conventions in France and French-Canada)
  • Years of birth are cautioned by M. Beauchet-Fillieu, who states that other records tend to contradict the given birth years within a 5 year margin
  • Note that the surname of the father is not given, as it is the same as the migrant, however the maiden name of the mother is provided
  • Many entries were poorly written or hard to read, and so I have added an additional column to separate out Mr. Beauchet-Filleau’s alternative suggestions for locality names.
  • Some entries had additional information regarding the parents or spouses. This is included in the “notes” column where that information is provided.  
  • Annotations by KinQuery are in italics, all other text is as translated from the source document.

“People from Lower Poiteau to Canada”

“My dear Director

Related by M. G. Clouzot, of Niort (Vendée), with Canadian scholar,  M. Godbout, who have undertaken to put together everything that might be of interest for the descendants of the first French immigrants to Canada, the last lists of arrivals to Canada from 1608 to 1765 and who are classified in four categories: the first who came from Poiteau, without additional info; the second form those originating from the diocese of Maillezais; the third from the diocese of Luçon; and the fourth those from the diocese of Poitiers.

The lists include the date of their arrival to Canada, followed by their place of origination, identification (although sadly many times the lists are poorly written or hard to read).  Following the name of the individual is the date of birth, although the exactitude is questionable, as the documents that allow for confirmation of these dates often have a difference of 5 years or more.  Finally they have indicated the names of the father and mother, often these indications are lacking.  M. Godbout would like to have diverse information on these immigrants, of their families, their connections, their ancestors, occupations, where they lives, their motives for leaving their places of birth, etc., etc.  I do not think it necessary to insist on the interest which could result from the information provided by these lists both for the descendants of these immigrants and for those of their parents who remained in France, if there are any still; also, not being able, because of the work of the Dictionary of the Poitou Families, to give to my correspondent a very effective collaboration and persuaded that a work of a large scale also can arrive at a satisfactory result only by a community of a people of good will I will allow myself to submit to your readers:  First, the list of original names of the Vendee; 2nd of the names of the crippled or poorly read parishes and where I was unable to identify from the names of the people originally given. 

Any of your readers who would like to take on this work could send me the fruit of their researches, or, if they prefer, they could send them directly to the author, at the following address: Monsieur P.A. Godbout, “La Resurrection”, Rosemont à Montreal. 

Please accept, my dear director, the expresson of my most devoted feelings, 

Paul Beauchet-Filleau, Chef-Boutonne, le 29 Juillet 1918″

Department of the Vendée, Poitou

Year of ArrivalGivenSurnameOccupationYear of BirthFatherMotherLocality of OriginLocality AlternativesNotes
1668GrégoireSimon 1631Jean Simone BancherelleBenestBenet? 
1653PaulVachonNotary/Solicitor1630VincentSapience VateauLa Copechagnière  
1650Marie Metayer 1650EtienneJeanne RobineauLongèreLongèves? 
1677PierreGuignard dit D’Olonne 1653  L’Olonne  
1665MathurinMarstaMason1644JacquesMarie CoutaudSaint-Denis de la ClavesthLa Chevache? 
1652Jean Nepveau  JacquesMarie MichelleSt. Georges près de MataiguSt-Georges-de-Montaigu 
1658MarieBissonnet 1639JacquesMarie ParochauxSaint-GillesSaint-Gilles-sur-Vie 
1662Jean Gibeau or GibaudDraper1638MathurinJeanne LarchetelSaint-Hilaire or Fontenay-le-Comte  
1694EtienneJaneauNotary/Solicitor1668EtienneJaquette VincentLa Tardière  

Diocese of Maillezais

Year of ArrivalGivenSurnameOccupationYear of BirthFatherMotherLocality of OriginLocality AlternativesNotes
1663ThéodoreSurcau  Denis Marie LaguisseMaillezais  
1665HilaireChardonneau 1636LaurentJeanne PariotteFontenay-le-Comte  
1666JacquesBeaudoin 1643  Fontenay-le-Comte  
1669JacquesMartineau  NicolasJeanne DemaireMaillé  
1671RenéVandé 1637RenéAndrée LigouneresseMontournayMontournois 
1662AbelTurcaultMiller1631  MoulleronMouilleron-le-Captif or in Pareds 
1668Madeleinedes Chalets 1651FrançoisJacquette or Jacqueline ChevallereauNotre-Dame de Fontenay  
1668ClaudeDes Chalets 1652FrançoisJacquette or Jacqueline ChevallereauNotre-Dame de Fontenay  
1668ElisabethDes Chalets  FrançoisJacquette or Jacqueline ChevallereauNotre-Dame de Fontenay  
1680JosephRenaud 1648EtienneMargueriteNotre-Dame de Fontenay  
1669AntoineTapin 1646ToussaintMarie GendronSaint-Nicolas PoiretLe Poiré-sur-Velluire 
1664MathurinChaillé 1641JeanJeanne BouillantSainte-Radegonde-la-Vineuse  

Diocese of Luçon

Year of ArrivalGivenSurnameOccupationYear of BirthFatherMotherLocality of OriginLocality AlternativesNotes
1663JeanneMorineau    Luçon  
1665AbelBenoit 1624  Luçon  
1672Claude-JacquesGraton    Luçon  
1672MargueriteMoncion    Luçon Wife of Claude-Jacques Graton
1672RenéeGraton 1666Claude-JacquesMarguerite MoncionLuçon Daughter of Claude-Jacques Graton and Marguerite Moncion
1673MartinMacé or MasséEdge Tool Maker1646  Luçon  
1680FrançoisePhillippon    Luçon  
1680JeanBoilard 1645MathurinMarie DesangesLuçon  
1685FrançoisPhilipponCorporal FrançoisFrançoise GratonLuçon Father’s occupation noted as a surgeon
1699Jérôme-FrançoisRivièreCooper1667FrançoisMarie PrévostLuçon  
1679MathurinArnaud 1647PierreMarie FulneauSaint-Saturnin-de-Luçon  
1670MathurineGraton 1651PierreMarie BoucherAubigny [*KinQuery note, Mathurin is the sister of Claude-Jacques Graton, also in this list]
1686PierreGoujon or BougonMaster Mason1661PierreMarie BougrasAubigny  
1668René Breton 1641MathieuMichelle GirardAulonneOlonne? 
1686JulienJoyanSoldier1661FrançoisCatherine DumayAulonneOlonne? 
1674MarieGongeauté dite Beaugendre 1641  Beauvais-sur-MerBeauvoir-sur-MerBorn at Notre-Dame-du-Mont (or du Monts), widow of Jacques Lechardon
1674MadeleineGongeauté dite Beaugendre 1662 Marie Gongeauté dite BeaugendreBeauvais-sur-MerBeauvoir-sur-MerDaughter of Marie Gongeauté dite Beaugendre, above
1697JeanMorand 1663SimonLouise GabouryBonpère (Le Boupére)Le Boupére 
1689NicolasPoirier  PierreSuzanne FonteneauBrousilLes Brousils 
1676JosephGalois 1647PierreRenée ChevréBourg de Certaine Sallertaine? 
1684LouisGreffard dit Lecoq 1651JeanLouise RoyChaillé-sous-les-Ormeaux  
1685PierreMondin 1640MathurinRenée ChaynetLa Chaise La Chaise-le-Vicomte or La Chaise-Giraud 
1668JeanneGroisat 1648FrançoisPerrine MilcendeauChalonsChallans? 
1695NicolasDautour 1636PierreMarguerite MartinChampagnéeChampagné-les-Marais? 
1674JeanVerger dit DesjardinsMaster Edge Tool Maker LucasCatherine ArnaudClaye (Pont du La)La Clayé? 
1685JeanPoreaux or Poireau 1651JeanJeanne PajotCloiseaLes Clouzeaux? 
1692JacquesThomelet  Jean Catherine BadreauCoupe-ChanièreLa Copechagnière? 
1670MathurinDubé 1631JeanRenée SuzanneChapelle-DetrerLa Chapelle-Thémer? 
1668NicolasGauvreauArmorer1641PierreGabrielle RaimbaudDompierre  
1677JeanDaniel 1607  Les Essarts  
1697JacquesBernier 1667Jacques Fontaine-le-ComteFontenay-le-Comte 
1680MichelGarnier 1651MathurinSébaste GeléeLe Gué-de-LireLe Gué-de-Velluire? 
1703Louise-MarieChorau 1681CharlesJacqueline BanineL’Isle DieuL’Isle d’Yeu 
1682JacquesDaniau 1653FrançoisMarie BertrandJaresJard? 
1677NicolasCochard 1649EtiennePerrine TavenantBourg de la JonchèreLa Jonchère 
1667MathurinThibaudeau 1636MathurinMarie DolbeauLes Moutiers-les-Mauxfaits  
1694JosephJouet 1655MichelLouise FoucaultNotre-Dame-de-CoyeCoëx? 
1668GillesMasson 1630PierreFrançoise GendreneauNotre-Dame-de-LonguevilleLongeville 
1664PierreAufroy  PierreHilaire MilsandreNotre-Dame-d’Olonne  
1676NicolasMenanteau 1649PierreMarie Lelièvre   
1678Jean Le Brodeur dit de la Vigne 1653JeanFrançoise FrogentNielNieul-le-Dolent 
1671FrançoisMarceau 1641AndréMarie GrandPireLe Poiré? 
1680PierreRivière 1635JeanLouise CaullaudLes Sables-d’Olonne  
1670RenéSiret dit Lafleur 1632PierreMarie DucasSaint-André-de-BournevaultBournezeau? 
1669JeanJoubert 1641FrançoisJeanne MailletSaint-AubinDes Ormeaux or St-Aubin la Plaine 
1671JulienBoissel dit Lagrillade 1651JeanMarie GournauxSainte-Croix?  
1684PierreMercier 1653GabrielPerrine CoidrièleSaint-DenisLa Chevasse or St-Denis-du-Payré? 
1672PierreMorin  JacquesHilaire GuérySaint-Etienne-de-BrilloySt-Etienne-de-Brillouet? 
1690RenéBoulet  NicolasPhilippe DanielSaint-FlesmesSainte-Flaive-des-Loups? 
1668Michel Garon or Gauron 1636PierreLouise ChapitrelleSaint-François-de-PimoufraisDe Puymaufrais? 
1665Jean Bourasseau 1629JacquesFrançoise FauchardSaint-Fulgent  
1699JeanMasson 1673FrançoisThérèse HubertSaint-GeorgesDe Pointindoux? 
1665PierreFilteau or Philteau 1641RobertMarguerite BrochetSaint-Georges-de-Montaigu  
1654PierreBironCourt crier, usher1627JeanMarie RatéSainte-Hermine  
1683PierreAlard 1653PierreMathurine VerdonSainte-Hermine  
1705JacquesFrichetSoldier of Dumesny JacquesLouise GayeSaint-HilaireWhich Saint Hilaire? 
1684FrançoisBourassa 1659FrançoisMarguerite DugasSaint-Hilaire-de-Loulay  
1668RenéLemeunier dit Laramée 1636JeanPerrine LecaillerotSaint-JeanWhich Saint Jean? 
1670MathurinBernier dit Lamarzelle 1645MathurineRenée MercereauSaint-Jean-De-Bessay  
1670MarieMarchesseau 1639  Saint-Jean-de-MagnyMagnils? 
1693GuillaumeDupont 1663GuillaumeMarie GuilbautSaint-Jean-de-Monts  
1669JeanBrochu 1641LouisRenée GaschetSaint-Jean de Montaigu  
1680VincentBèrieauJoiner, carpenter1653JeanMarie ArnaudSaint-Jean L’EvangélisteFontenay-le-Comte? 
1682JacquesVoyer dit le Jardinier  FrançoisMathurine ChauvetSaint-Laurent du bourg d’Aubigny  
1656JacqyesToupin  PierreMarie PetiteauSaint-Martin-des-Noyers  
1667HélèneBonneau 1636PierreMarie ArnaudSaint-Martin-des-Noyers  
1672LouisJinchereau  PierrePerrine BoninSaint-Mathurin  
1693LucienMotard dit Lamothe 1665LouisMarie MontSaint-Mathurin  
1668JacquesGerny 1639MichelAnne BouilletSaint-Nicolas d’AiguillonAugiullon-sur-mer? 
1662JeannePoireau 1644FrançoisFrançoise HucheloquéSaint-Niolas d’Olonne  
1669AndréRapinSurgeon1640JeanMarie BoufandreauSaint-PaulEn Pareds or Saint-Paul Mont-Penit? 
1689JeanMailhot or Maillot dit Laroche  ToussaintClaude BoucherSaint-Pauln Pareds or Saint-Paul Mont-Penit? 
1671SébastienNolet 1638VincentJeanne MartelSainte-Pexine  
1662JeanAllaire or Dalaire 1634SébastienPerrine FleurissonneSt-PhilibertDe Bouaine or St-Philibert-du-Pont-Charrault? 
1663CharlesAllaire or Dalaire 1635SébastienPerrine FleurissonneSt-PhilibertDe Bouaine or St-Philibert-du-Pont-Charrault?Brother of above, Jean Allaire (Dalaire)
1691JacquesGrignon 1662JacquesJeanne TessierSt-PhilibertDe Bouaine or St-Philibert-du-Pont-Charrault? 
1669Médèric or EmeryBlouin 1641  Saint-PierreDu Chemin or Saint-Pierre-le-Vieux? 
1682LouisCharrier 1647FrançoisJeanne BourdetSaint-Pierre d’Ardelay  
1682PierreGuignard 1648NicolasIsabelle LaisnéSaint-Pierre de ChavagnesEn Pailliers? 
1673MartinMercier 1646PierreMathurine FrogèreSaint-Pierre d’Olonne  
1660PierreBissonetJoiner, carpenter1626JacquesGuillaume (sic) DebienSt-Pierre-sous-la-RocheLe Bourg-sous-la-Roche?Widow (1668) of Marie Allaire
1664PierreVivier dit Magdeleine 1638GrégoireClémence AdjourneBourg de Tiré Thiré 
1698MichelPanin dit LafontaineSoldier of M. Le Villier1668CharlesJeanne MasséVouille-les-Marais  

Diocese of Poitiers

Year of ArrivalGivenSurnameOccupationYear of BirthFatherMotherLocality of OriginLocality AlternativesNotes
1653JeanChapeleauMaster Mason1626JeanFrançoise BrochardLes Brouzils  
1669SimonChambrelan 1636RenéCatherine DavidChartonnaisChantonnay? 
1663JacobineLafleur  CharlesJeanne GaschetBourg de la ChateignereauLa Châtaigneraie? 
1666JeanCadou 1641André Marie BardeL’Isle-Dieu  
1681VincentBrunet 1645ToussaintMarie CaillautNotre-Dame de Maillé  
1670JacquesBissonnet 1645JeanMarie GoupilletLa Chapelle Palluau  
1670IsaacPasquier dit Lavallée  MathurinMarie FrémillonSaint-Jean de Montaigu  
1692FrançoisChartrain 1662PierreMichelle DeschampsSaint-Pierre-du-Chemin  
1676JacquesLeroy dit la Pensée 1646JeanAnne BrunetSaint-Julien?  
1669Marie-AgnésDestouches 1650PierreMarie GuletSaint-Marcel?  
1663LouisTétreau 1634MathurinMarie BernardSaint-Martin?  
1673JeanMalerbaut 1646JeanMichelle RousselSaint-Pierre Livray  
1670MathurinMarcadier  GeorgeCharlotte MaurierSaint-Rémi de Busseil?  
1670PaulVignaux dit Laverdure  JeanRenéeSaint-Sebel?  
1673PierrePetitclerc  JeanMarie PouizeSaint-Sévéry  
1681PierreBonneau dit LajeunesseCorporal1650IsaïeJeanne SimonenTours? Father noted as being a retail clothier
1698AntoineTesserotCarpenter, Shipwright1665AntoineJeanne GalipotYce?  

Bons sur la Poitou, Diocese of La Roche?

Year of ArrivalGivenSurnameOccupationYear of BirthFatherMotherLocality of OriginLocality AlternativesNotes
1650MarieRiton 1623RobertMarguerite Guyon   
1757MichelDuguay dit PoitevinQueen’s Soldier, Montbray Company since 17511736  HoumeOulmes 
1754ClaudePelletier dit VadeboncœurSoldier, Budemont Company1714  La Chaize-le-Vicomte  
1716Jean ChassardSoldier,  Repentigny Company GillesMarie PageotLa Garnache  
1650DenisMétayer  EtienneJeanne RobineauLongèreLongesves? 
1756FrançoisGuichard or Dichard  FrançoisLouise NicolasSaint-Sauveur de L’Ile-d’Yeu  
1692JacquesLebrun dit Lasonde 1668FrançoisJeanne CourautBourpeulLe Boupère? 

Diocese of Poitiers

Year of ArrivalGivenSurnameOccupationYear of BirthFatherMotherLocality of OriginLocality AlternativesNotes
1729JacquesDamienMaster Butcher1696PierreMarie VroddeCoyCoex? 
1751AndréBonnenfant  RenéMarie BoninFontenay-le-Comte, Saint-Nicolas  
1716AubinCaillère dit JasminSoldier, Repentigny Company1686IsaacFrançoise BarreauMervanMervent 

Diocese of Luçon

Year of ArrivalGivenSurnameOccupationYear of BirthFatherMotherLocality of OriginLocality AlternativesNotes
1702PierreAlbert 1672RenéMarie Clerançeau   
1760NicolasJamet  JeanFrançoise Pelouse   
1731MichelContant  JeanAnne VinetLuçon, Saint-Martin  
1707CharlesTissiau dit Saint-GermainSoldier, de Lorimier Company1679PierreFrançoise NeveuSaint-Pierre  
1749JeanAmiot  FrançoisMarie BobièreSaint-Pierre  
1714PierreRivet dit Saint-Pierre 1684JacquesLouise ViandeAiguillonAiguillon-sur-vie or sur-mer 
1707RenéAlbert dit BeaulieuSoldier1677RenéPhilippe VoyerBeaulieuSur Mareuil? 
1732Honoré-LouisTesson  HonoréCatherine Bordin-SavinierBeaulieu-sous-la-Roche  
1743Louis-AlexandreRousseau dit BeausoleilCorporal, Arnaud Company LouisMarie-Anne PrivatCallière-en-BoisSaint-Jean-l’Evangéliste de la, La Caillère 
1725JeanLatouche dit Soupras Sergeant1685ClaudeMarie MaugisCalertennSallertaine? 
1724PierreTessier 1690PierreFrançoise MoiseauIle-d’Yeu  
1732JacquesBrisson or Buisson  PierreFrançoise CadeauSaint-SauveurSaint-Sauveur-du-Bourg? 
1755JacquesDupontNavigator BarnabéElizabeth BrousseauSaint-SauveurSaint-Sauveur-du-Bourg? 
1712VincentTudault 1667PierreMarie CharbonnierLa BretonnièreLa 
1712PierreFavreau dit LagrandeurSoldier, Sabrevois Company1670LouisAnne BoudaudLa Couture  
1716FrançoisLaurent dit Lamothe 1686Jean Marie PerraultLa Chapelle à CharreLa Chappelle Achard 
1742SimonPaquereauxSoldier, Céloras Company1712JeanMarguerite BouchetLa NiodeLa Réorthe? 
1761RenéHardyMiller1721  La Réorthe  
1712EtienneGauvreau  PierreAnne ArrivéLa Roche-sur-Yon  
1745PierreCharrier  EtienneMarthe BourassaNotre-Dame des HerbiersLes Herbiers 
1757HonoréDubois de la MiltièreLieutenant1735JosephFrançoise FriconneauNotre-Dame des Sables-d’Olonne  
1705JacquesJournau dit Beaufort 1671AndréMarie BoussoutNotre-Dame d’Olonne Father listed as a merchant
1723PierreGautier dit Poitevin 1696CharlesCatherine ArnaudPoiréPoiré-sur-Vie or Sur-Velluire.  
1730JacquesMétay dit LadouceurSoldier, Langueuil Company JacquesJacqueline DurandetSaint-JeanSaint-Jean de Beugné or Saint-Jean-de-Monts? 
1712PierreRobreau dit Leroux or DuplessisSoldier, Chalus Company1676JacquesMadeleine BrunelPondageSaint Jacques, village of; PouzaugesFather listed as Master Tanner
1729PierreBernard  MathurinMarie AmiotSaint-Etienne-du-Bois  
1704Marie-CatherineRousseau  JacquesFrançoise VillenelleSainte-FlavieSainte-Flaive-des-Loups 
1707JulienAuger dit GrandchampsSoldier, Desjordis Company1666MichelMarie ToumazoSaint-FurjanSaint-Fulgent 
1743Louis-AlexandreRousseau dit BeausoleilCorporal, Arnaud Company LouisMarie-Anne Privat Saint-Hilaire-du-Bois Earlier (in this list)cited as from La Caillère
1736CharlesAlain  ThomasFrançoise BrumièreSaint-Jean-de MontaigueMontaiguFather given as Merchant
1738EtienneRousseau 1715EtienneJeanne PapinSaint-Mathurin  
1700PierreSegnay  MathurinLouise DurandSaint-NicolasSaint-Nicolas-de-Brem? 

Diocese of La Rochelle

Year of ArrivalGivenSurnameOccupationYear of BirthFatherMotherLocality of OriginLocality AlternativesNotes
1701Jacues-PierrePommereauMerchant1677AntoineCatherine MaindeChateigneraieSaint-Jean de la Chataigneraye 
1746FrançoisBeaujaux or Bugeault  FrançoisRenée AllardChéChaix? 
1732AugustinJanneau  FrançoisMarie ChopinFontenay-le Comte  
1669FrançoisHilaret, Hilleret or Lairet  JeanJacquette BourdelleNotre-Dame de Fontenay-le-Comte  
1676MarieRousseau  FrançoisCatherine EcolièreNotre-Dame de Fontenay-le-Comte  
1726Pierre-MichelPétrimoulxMerchant and Vessel captain1691PierreMarie-Anne CaillardNotre-Dame de Fontenay-le-Comte  
1729JeanLoiseau 1695JeanMarie MoinardSaint-Jean de Fontenay-le-comte  
1708PierreSuret  NoëlFrançoise ColardMaufetMoutiers-les-Mauxfaits? 


Year of ArrivalGivenSurnameOccupationYear of BirthFatherMotherLocality of OriginLocality AlternativesNotes
1751JeanRistor  JeanMarie BérangerLa Bretonnière de Rochefort La Bretonnière? 
1664AnneGentreau 1643NicolasCatherine BuetSaint-Nicolas d’OlonneOlonne 


Year of ArrivalGivenSurnameOccupationYear of BirthFatherMotherLocality of OriginLocality AlternativesNotes
1676JeanBoucher 1650QuatriuJeanne DenisChé, Diocese of Maizeray Saint-Etienne de Chaix, Diocese of Maillezais 
1661JacquesBaudon dit Lagrange 1636JulienMarie JolyNotre-Dame de FontenayFontenay-le-comte 
1679JacquesBluteau 1641ClémentAnne MoquetGué de VelireSainte-Macrine, Le Gué-de-Velluire 
1682EtienneFontaine 1661JacquesJeanne ColnutIle-DieuDiocese of Poulière?, L’Ile-Dieu? 
1657JacquesMénard dit Lafontaine 1629JeanAnne SavinelleMervanMervent 
1660VincentBoulereau 1627  OlonneVille d’, Olonne 
1751HenriMidette dit LaplumeSoldier1721HenriAngélique SenetSaint-Nicolas de BrêmeSaint-Nicolas-de-Brem 
1744Louis FromenteauCaptain of the Port1713LouisMarie RamoneauSainte-Radégonde, Dioces of LuçonSainte-Radégonde-des-Noyers or la-Vineuse? 
1679FrançoisFellan 1641AndréMarguerite BariteauSaint-Vincent, Diocese of MalizerMaillezais? But which of the four Saint-Vincents? 
1650JacquetteVivier  GrégoireClémence AyonneTirayThiré 

Unspecified areas within the Poiteau

Year of ArrivalGivenSurnameOccupationYear of BirthFatherMotherLocality of OriginLocality AlternativesNotes
1723VincentHoudard    Darche Widow of Jeanne Hannebo
1743Jean-BaptisteGuichard  Jean-BaptiseMarie AubryGrandmort  
1701Jean-FrançoisMétivier 1670NicolasMarguerite ChambourPeira  
1739RenéMarchildon or Marchelidon  VincentJeanne LamarqueSaint-Féré  
1757HubertVoyer dit Ouelles et LespéranceSoldier, Bécourt Company, Queen’s Regiment PierreFrançoise ChenySaint-Thomas  
1757GabrielDesmaisons 1707JosephMarie DesrochesSaint-Séverin  
1768GabrielDupuis  Jean-MauriceJeanne-Elisabeth de BressaudSaint-Vincent  

Diocese of Poitiers

Year of ArrivalGivenSurnameOccupationYear of BirthFatherMotherLocality of OriginLocality AlternativesNotes
1711RenéGirard dit Brindamour  JacquesMarie NicoleBenguié  
1741PierreMartin dit JolicœurSoldier, Repentigny Company1669  Benguié  
1705JeanBineau dit La JeunesseSoldier,  Blainville Company1675JeanMarie BinetBuisson  
1723JeanLarche 1696JeanAntoinette LaroseChebolain  
1760EtienneGirard and Géraud dit Brindamour  JacquesLouise CaillaudDevoneust  
1723Pierre-FrançoisChalou dit Saint-PierreBaker1697Pierre-FrançoisCatherine ChalutGévergé  
1705JacquesPrau dit Le Poitevin  JacquesMadeleine RivéGouray  
1710MathurinMorillon or Marion 1680MathurinJeanne FerretHoret  
1711FrançoisTèfé dit Lavergne, Laverty or Thème 1682JeanMarguerite GuerfetLeder  
1751FrançoisGigaudMerchant AntoineJeanne FrinMelancon  
1723JeanMartin dit Saint-JeanSoldier, Janneville Company1699JeanJeanne DionetMontabert  
1743Jean-BaptisteRuffigny dit SanschagrinSoldier, La Valtrie Company1716AndréMarie BréjeanNotre-Dame de la Grandet  
1716NicolasCornière  NicolasMarguerite PotonneSainte-Marie-Madeleine Danchalier  
1729FiacreDe la Haye 1706FiacreJeanne RayotSaint-Nicolas de Montrouton  
1726JeanLeger dit Richelieu  FrançoisAnne GuingandeTronvaux  

Diocese of Luçon

Year of ArrivalGivenSurnameOccupationYear of BirthFatherMotherLocality of OriginLocality AlternativesNotes
1751Barthélemy-JosephRichardRoyal Notary (Solicitor) BarthélemyMarie MartiéSaint-Audlon Father was noted as Controller General of Upper and Lower Bretagne
1722PierreNoland 1694PierreAnne GautierSaint-Fleur  
1734JeanneCantureau  PierreCatherine BureauSaint-Pierre de Nimes  
1690JeanArnaud  PierreMarie PulneauSaint-Saturnin  
1726FrançoisPerrotin dit LéveilléUpholsterer JeanCatherine BremandeTarovère  

Unspecified Parish, Stated from Poitou

Year of ArrivalGivenSurnameOccupationYear of BirthFatherMotherLocality of OriginLocality AlternativesNotes
1698Louis Mètivier 1670LouisLouise PerrochonAlez?  
1690JeanMarotSoldier of M. De Bouraillan JeanMadeleine TraversAngers?  
1686LouisGilbert 1653VincentVincente de LaunayAuch?  
1665NicolasMassard  JeanMarguerite PimpanteLe Grand Magnou?  
1690VincentPoupeau  FrançoisJacquette MeneauSaint-Lurèe?  

Diocese of Maillezais

Year of ArrivalGivenSurnameOccupationYear of BirthFatherMotherLocality of OriginLocality AlternativesNotes
1669PierreRondeau  JeanJacquette PallereauMarcilly?  

Diocese of Luçon

Year of ArrivalGivenSurnameOccupationYear of BirthFatherMotherLocality of OriginLocality AlternativesNotes
1669Marie Morin 1645PierreIsabelle PelerinCharente?  
1663MartheRagau 1632SimonFrançoise LoreauLayséVillage of? 
1691JeanTanguay 1664NicolasMarguerite AccaralPlancéry?  
1687JeanTurcot  AntoineJeanne MandinSavanne?  
1669MarieJaudon    Saint-Etienne (Bourg d’Ars?) Widow of François Pavageau
1667AndréeCaillaud  LaurentJulienne PiérodeSaint-Faicre?  

Diocese of Poitiers

Year of ArrivalGivenSurnameOccupationYear of BirthFatherMotherLocality of OriginLocality AlternativesNotes
1669RenéGaultier dit Larose 1626  La Bevière-sur-Dive?  
1674VincentBeaumont 1640VincentJeanne RenonBray?Village of? 
1669LouisSivadier 1645JeanJacques (sic) DesforgesDansac?  
1688MichelBounillot 1656DenisFrançoise CadèneDiteuse?  
1684PierreAnge 1660LouisSuzanne NicoletElzé?  
1687AndréThibaut 1666MichelJeanne Sohier?Montour?  
1663Joseph-ElieGauthier 1626  Notre-Dame de Solle?  
1681FrançoisLary 1646CésarRicharde GrainereauLa Scelle? Father noted as a painter
1670RenéBisson dit L’Epine 1635RenéRoberte de VrédienneSaint-Etienne de Mannier?  
1670AndréMorin 1645JacquesMichelle DionSaint-Jacques Basange?  
1670JosephBonneau dit la Bécasse 1651PierreMarie LambertSaint-Joseph de Verneux?  

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